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Food Processing Equipment - Meat Processing Machinery -  Food Packaging Machinery 

AFTG History

Since 2017, we have been a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of equipment and supplies for food processors and food packagers. We cater to all businesses, whether you are a small butcher or an industrial food plant. Our product lines include equipment for dicing, grinding, mixing, blending, portioning, injecting, tumbling, filling, slicing, smoking, tenderizing, and packaging. Our experienced technical staff are always on hand to assist you in selecting machinery, regardless of whether that’s for a single item or a whole production line! We also have the ability to offer you finance deals through our lease-to-own program.

What Do We Do?

Our range of products includes equipment for dicing, grinding, mixing, blending, portioning, injecting, tumbling, filling, slicing, smoking, tenderizing, and packaging. All equipment sales are provided with extensive technician support, with a substantial inventory of machine replacement parts to choose from. We also offer processing plant and butcher supplies (hand tools, cutlery, clothing, material handling, packaging materials), which are offered through our catalog sales department.

Featured Products


Vacuum Stuffer

Industrial vacuum stuffer comes with the automatic twisting device and meat cart lifter. Vacuum stuffer is good for sausage, hotdog, mortadella, and ham production. Vacuum stuffer will connect to the clipper and high speed twisting machine to the increase food processing production capability.


Bowl Chopper

AFTG Industrial Bowl chopper can cut, mix and emulsify the row meat material, preventing fat and other nutrition from being damaged and oxidation. Maximally maintained the original color, scent, taste and all kinds of nutrition ingredients. Increased meat’s density and flexibility through cutting. The machine increased output efficiency, reduced air ball, improved flexibility and density.


Meat Slicer (Portion Slicer)

AFTG industrial meat slicer machine comes with a conveyor for the portioning option. The German blade is connected to the powerful motor to be able to cut the meat with bone. AFTG meat slicer HMI will give the ability to control the knife speed, belt speed and, portioning. No matter if its meat products or ham and sausage, whether it is fresh, chilled or frozen down to -4 degrees.


Vacuum Tumbler

Vacuum Tumbler is Massaging unit from AFTG is worldwide known for highest quality, easy and intuitive operation as well as high quality final products. Meat products can be achieved by proper rotation, stirring, regularly beating and massaging meats. 
The dual rotation function and vacuum action along together increase the water content of the food, to increase food flavor, more flexible, more delicious, sell better.


Meat Slicer (Horizontal)

The horizontal boneless meat slicer is used for cutting perfect parallel slices with a unique multi-blade cutting system. And with the help of fully adjustable blades, it enables a total product control and gives the ability to slice delicate products in shape. Meat slicing thickness is adjustable with a minimum slice height of 3mm and a maximum slice height of 50mm.

Frozen Meat dicer.jpg

Meat Dicer 

Industrial dicing machine is very important and useful for meat and vegetable further processing, AFTG Frozen Meat Dicer can cut various kinds of meat, fat, and vegetable into dice according to customer’s required sizes by adjusting blade carriers, also it can cut them into stripe or slice.

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