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Why Do You Need Meat Tumblers and What Are The Advantages Using a Vacuum Meat Tumbler


We at American Food Tech provide the latest, most efficient food processing machinery that will aid our customers in cutting costs. Our meat tumblers are equipped with the functionality of dual rotation to stir, rotate, massage, and beat all kinds of meat to ensure they are juicy and tenderized. The vacuum feature in the tumblers allows different meats to retain their water contents for a more flavorful experience. With its user-friendly controls and easy to navigate and understand the operating system these tumblers are compatible with different meats such as beef, chicken, pork, and fish. Purchase a tumbler today to avail of better quality, flavorful meat for your business and customers.

As an added incentive, we have carefully compiled a list of benefits butchers and food plants available by adopting these vacuum meat tumblers.


With its highly effective design and even distribution, all of your meats are guaranteed to receive an equal amount of seasoning and salts. These vacuum tumblers are known for using sufficient amounts of brine and seasoning to display higher percentages of well-seasoned good quality meat when compared to traditional methods.


Save on costs and wastage by increasing product yield with lower levels of shrinkage and time-consuming soaking or rubbing methods. Increase profits with these vacuum meat tumblers by managing your inventory. Meat products can be prepared and sold much faster with an efficient processing system. Research has proven that utilizing a meat tumbler is much more cost-effective in preserving and processing the meats for a better outcome.


Vacuum meat tumblers help the meat to retain its initial water content, the massaging and hydraulic tilting features equipped with cooling systems ensure the final products to be of the best quality and value.

Reduced Cooking Loss

Businesses can set and control precise maturation processes with these vacuum meat tumblers to ensure their products absorb most of the seasoning. With adjustable tumbling and injection diffusion, we guarantee nothing but the finest quality of meat, poultry, and fish with our different models of meat tumblers.

Who needs Meat Tumblers?

From our website butchers and individuals in the meat processing and supplying industry can pick and purchase from a variety of different vacuum meat tumblers. Offering 10 different kinds of tumblers suited for small and large scale processing. Utilize these vacuum meat tumblers to improve the yield and quality of your products to build a stronger relationship with your customer base and well.

Our Quality Promise

With our unparalleled dedication towards delivering unwavering quality, we ensure that our customers get nothing but the very best! All of our products are strategically designed to provide the most efficient solutions for our valuable clientele. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction, due to our strict adherence to our quality principle and threshold.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for more information or to order your very own vacuum meat tumblers for your business operations.

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